who we are

Lawone Agro is a company that provides creative agricultural solutions that helps boost Sustainable Agricultural Production and Satisfy Market Demand. We are established to identify key opportunities and markets both locally and internationally for selected agricultural products. Using creative agricultural solutions, our goal is to satisfy the identified demand whilst creating employment and boosting Sustainable Agricultural Production on the value chain.
Using our creative solutions, we create the entire value chain that ensures the product moves from the farm to the end user.
After much study of the Agricultural Value Chain of most products, it is evident that the higher profit margins are in the supply of inputs and value addition for onward resale to the end-user.
Therefore, our business operating model is designed to eliminate all stumbling blocks to agricultural success for new and existing farmers (small, medium and large), basically making them production partners in a way that gives them the capacity to maintain a profitable production system. Whilst in the same vein, supplying them with the required inputs and purchasing all outputs produced.

Lawone Private Farms

At present, Lawone Agro owns various private farms across Nigeria with a cumulative annual production capacity of

❏ 1,500 Metric tons of fish, ❏ 120,000 birds and ❏ 2 million snails.